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How can I leverage Shadow Spaces?

Webex Meetings and Webex Teams offer virtual meeting zones or collaboration spaces where participants can join from anywhere to post content, contribute ideas, cooperate on projects and huddle for meetings. Shadow Spaces offers insights to managers about user adoption, project progression, bot activity, file uploads, activity/inactivity of spaces and trending topics. This allows managers to increase adoption, accelerate their digital transformation and maintain a healthy collaboration ecosystem ensuring maximum ROI using Cisco Webex.

Metrics are tabulated from the activity of participants. Granular meeting, calling, teams, spaces and participants activity patterns for any time period can be tailored to your business needs.

Empower key decision makers with granular
Cisco Webex collaboration insights


Accelerate your digital transformation to Cisco Webex by measuring and monitoring participant behavior patterns.


Ensure successful progression of business objectives by examining participation in meetings, teams or spaces.


Maintain a clutter free Cisco Webex by highlighting file uploads, bot activity and dormant spaces that can be removed.

Measure, monitor and manage your Cisco Webex collaboration using RSI Shadow Spaces.

  • Seamlessly connect to your Cisco Webex environment.
  • Secured portal access from any browser on any device.
  • No complex configuration or training required.

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